September 16th, 2008

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Poll Management on LJ

[001] koizumi @ halare completed request icons, which means a few new icons *points*

[002] The latest twilight!themed strip at Head Trip is creepy and pretty (the first panel *_*) and freaky all at the same time, LOL

[003] I submitted an idea (back in July actually, but just got posted today!) to suggestions for a new page that would list all the past polls you've made on LJ and let you manage them in one place. Do comment over there with opinions if you can.

[004] The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag. It works as long as someone doesn't decide to go ahead and chuck it out >_>

[005] VLC media player has been updated with a new interface. Kinda nice, though ever since I sound :( Should probably revert back to the old version. Oh well, it was pretty good eyecandy while it lasted.