September 19th, 2008

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7 days and counting...

[001] I'm experiencing mixed feelings now that we're half way through September. For one thing, I'm ecstatic that SPN has started. On the other hand, I miss the summer hollidays dreadfully ;__; Though now there's only a week left for my birthday :)

[002] The day has come where I want more than the max 100 & loyalty slots for icons. Luckily, we'll be able to get that by November

[003] The easiest way to download anime? Have a premium megaupload account and sign up at (for free). They list almost every single title, with links for all the episodes. I even added their search to my browser search engines so I can download episodes asap. And if something is missing, there's always anime_downloads and tokyotosho.

[004] After finishing One Piece, I watched 1) Gintama (fun, but no real plot for first 40 or 50 eps), 2) Personal Trinity Soul (...where my fave people kinda die?) and 3) Darker Than Black (which is very cool except the ending felt...lacking). Am trying Zegapain next based on carameltrap's rec ^_^

[005] Am so glad I save my old icons into a folder before I delete them - over time several of the comms my userpics were from have been deleted - frakking_icons, springfly and the one I most miss, pixation (which had such FANTASTIC stuff D:) I would do anything to be able to visit that comm again - its so weird how much I miss the icon posts :(

[006] SPN icon tutorial I wanna try out :)

27 Question Meme


This is the new and much better 27 Question Meme by cordelia_v.

And since I'd never get around to messaging y'all the questions privately, I've included them in this post. Yeah, I fail at doing memes properly >_>

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It was incredibly hard to choose just one person, and sometimes I had to pick two :( And there were still several Qs that had me going o_O