September 20th, 2008

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Want art, will pay (someday)

[001] It's sad but while I don't think I'd pay $300 for shoes or a bag (yet), I wish I had the $300 to afford a commission by janaschi. Her stuff is stunningly gorgeous, detailed and dynamic and oh lord. Definitely amongst my top 3 artists on DeviantART. I can't believe how much I think about it D:

[002] static_pixie pointed out some awesome SPN news. When it comes to an emotional connection to shows, the audience for SPN comes in at #8 - and this is across ALL american TV shows. Also, SPN's season premiere drew in a fantastic 4 million viewers. The CW heads might pay attention, but I'm not really holding out any hope >_>

[003] red_rahl did a lineart tutorial! Great timing 'cause I stumbled onto alexds1 who posted a tut on Ladies figures that made me pump my fist in the air. There's also a pose tutorial which is brilliant as well as expressions here and here. In November, there'll be a tut on male figures :)

[004] penknife posted about McCaine, Obama and LGBT families - very eye opening.

[005] FYI, if you're here for the hp fic recs, there most likely won't be any for a while. It's a cyclical thing (that's happened for years) and at the moment I'm in my other fandoms - come fall/winter I'll most likely be back into HP fanfics, especially around hd_holidays. For now, not so much.

[006] To read this weekend: maderr's fic, Eroica, Dragon Isles Ebook and orig slash fic recced by libby_drew.

[007] I really want some new foreign music. Anyone have some youtube vids they'd like to spam me with? Far eastern music (though less of j/k pop), european, maybe a bit of south asian and middle eastern. Just some stuff that I won't hear if I switch on local US radio.