September 22nd, 2008

* V - Peace

Anime, software and spiffy icons

[001] Most useful article of the day:'s Best of the Best. Though amongst all the cool software, they still admit pen and paper are the best options for To Do Lists XD

[002] sharona1x2 pointed out that Natsume Yuujinshou is getting a second season, YES YES YES. It's my favorite new anime this year, along with Soul Eater. Most peeps are probably interested in the second seasons for Junjou Romantica and Gundam 00, BUT THIS NEWS MADE THE DAY BRIGHTER FOR MEEEE

[003] The corruption of childhood characters continues. Yes, that's Bert/Ernie slash from Sesame Street XD

[004] Discovered the above link via the f-of-flist through wook77's post requesting recs of slashy books. Might be a good place to find something new :)

[005] iconnaissances has some wonderfully artsy icons with an Obama feel:


Am just a bit surprised I haven't seen any non-Obama super shiny politics icons. I'd have figured there'd be other big icon makers who might be supporting other peeps (and not just McCaine). But not disappointed though >_>

[006] There's a new vampire romance film that is NOT Twilight. It's labelled as horror but perhaps in the same way that SPN is horror - but while SPN focuses more on action and brotherhood, Let the Right One In is more romance and friendship. It looks like a quality alternative to Twilight XD Check out the review