September 26th, 2008

* birthday cake

Birthday = AWESOME

[001] Thanks guys, for all the birthday wishes! It was awesome to get back on and find the notes et all *hugs hugs hugs* And then all the phone calls from RL peeps made me all mushy -__- It was a lovely day all in all.

[002] CHEESECAKE FACTORY IS LOVE! Got to splurge on a fabulous meal: Ahi Carpacio, Cobb Salad, Peach Bellini + Chocolate Mouse Cheesecake - yeah, there were multiple To Go boxes, two of which were mine XD

[003] I had been hoping to head over to Massage Envy today but it wasn't until I got stuck in traffic that I called 411 and got the number. The focus was on my back and shoulder (HEAVENLY) and I felt like liquid afterwords *happy sigh* Never realised how much my shoulders and neck tend to twinge and hurt. Wish I could afford a monthly membership, esp after exams.

[004] I also got samples of colognes for my dad from Sephora - hopefully my sis can figure out what bottle(s) she should take to Dubai. I got:
Dad has used Fahrenheit, Eternity, one of Burberry's and enjoyed a sample of Polo Explorer and either Aquo di Gio or Blu (can't remember which)

Do y'all have any recs of stuff one can find at Sephora or other places in Texas/USA?

In any case should look up next time I need to find a perfume/cologne gift >_>

[005] Speaking of gifts, I signed up to various thingies over HERE yesterday and got several coupons for free icecreams/deserts and one for a free meal - have between a week to a month to use them :) Definitely something more peeps should try before their birthdays if they like freebies ^_^

[006] Saw the presidential debate. Waiting for the VP smackdown next week.