September 27th, 2008

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How to Find ANYTHING you want on LJ

Have unlocked my List of Shiny Comms for 24 hours.

Save the links and don't share them around publicly. Will be locking the post tom.

If you have useful additions, do comment but I'd like to keep this on the down didn't get the links from me, alright? But if you need a referral, drop me a line XD

Edit: Post is locked now.
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Yaoi, Music, Michael Shanks and Fanart

[001] I've really warmed up to the drawing style of mangaka Koide Mieko, especially after reading Junjou Karen. Have uploaded it here - feel free to snag :)

[002] Michael Shanks in Stargate Atlantis was AMAAAAZING. Daniel and Rodney were awesome to watch and I never realised how much I missed listening to Daniel's monolguing XD

[003] Visited muvibee and ended up listening to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours on repeat. Can't believe it's been out since 2005 and I only just heard it this past week.

[004] Some recent bits of awesome on DeviantART:[005] Have never bought a celebrity/character doll since they rarely match the real thing/image in my head. But this Angelina Jolie doll proves that fandom pwns EVERYTHING.

[006] libby_drew pointed our that if Disney made a movie of a Soccer mom (aka, PALIN) becoming Vice President, this would be the trailer. Probably XD

Edit: *deep breath* Just wanted to thank laila_rue, ivles, carameltrap, hydrangea, windfallen, _pinkchocolate, neversleeps, scrtkpr, rickey_a, tray_la_la, meritjubet, bydaylight, gunfair, kirarakim, bewarethesmirk, oboros, megyal, sharona1x2, phoenixacid, literati, dragynville, painless_j, avalon13, sulky_rhino, khateh and snegurochka_lee (♥ ♥ ♥) - y'all made my b-day that much more special *tackle hug glomps*