September 29th, 2008

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Getting back into reading *books*

[001] Question: Do y'all use custom colors for friends on the flist? I've never tried it but was wondering how peeps tend to use it? How exactly do you color code?

[002] For the new profile beta, I love that by using the ban_set command in the admin console we can hide any communities we want from being listed (posting access is only viewable by the owner of the account in the newest beta!) - SO useful for comms we don't want visible...or just peeps like me who join 250+ comms.

[003] Just finished John Levitt's Dog Days and I'm looking forward to the sequel, New Tricks which comes out in November. I also ended up watching fangs_fur_fey, debut2009 and shared_wisdom. Need to add Spontaneous Derivation to feeds and look into SF Novelists. Am constantly surprised by how many authors can be found on LJ though O_O

[004] Do y'all have any recs for Urban Fantasy books? Or plain fantasy? I'm looking for books with male protagonists, NOT female. Some of the ones I've enjoyed are:

Am also making my way slowly through Discworld and I have The Dresden Files in hand.

I wish there were a place that lists recent and maybe not so recent first books of trilogies and/or sequences of 4 or more books. I keep stumbling on lists which point out Book 2 or 3 in a series and it's so frustrating trying to find the first books instead >_< Grr. Argh.
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Not qute hiatus but...

Just wanted to mention that I probably won't be as active on LJ over the next weeks leading up to December now that classes are in full swing and getting busier. Still going to try to post once a day or every other day but...not sure :(

Have cut back the flist (by about a third - 110 or so down to 78) for the time being and am going to focus on layouts (livelongnmarry et all) and the other things I need to do asap.

If you need to contact me, feel free to PM or email. Going to get back into LJ hardcore (and most likely H/D) by winter hols.