October 7th, 2008

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Writing, Mushishi and Tech stuff

[001] Has anyone ever written fics with anthropomorphic personifiction? Y'know, like having Death as a skeleton that walks around collecting people's souls? I was wondering how y'all come up with the personality/character.

[002] At the start of the month I began writing short 300 word pieces of fic. I make no excuses, it's bad fic. I'm probably even worse than I was in highschool 'cause at least at that time I would write more often.

Still, it's nice to do some daily writing exercises. It probably won't lead to anything but... \o/ If y'all want to check it out, wince and realise how gifted y'all are at writing fic, the stuff can be found at inkythumb. No fanfiction - I suck at that even more than regular fic since everyone becomes incredibly OOC. If I do write slash at some point it would probably be original fic and not fanfic >_>

[003] Watched Mushishi over the weekend and after Natsume Yuujincho, it was fabulous. Probably one of the best examples of anime that would really work with adults. The lack of a core cast was the one thing I wished had been different (since apart from the main guy, we see most of the other characters in only one or two episodes) but it's still a great anime.

[004] You can watch quite a bit of anime online legally nowadays. Joost and Hulu have both been streaming various shows (articles here and here) including Naruto, Bleach and Death Note. You can check them out here and here

[005] Lifehacker pimped out 6 Windows Themes including my ol' fave, SlanXP \o/ Very shiny.

[006] If you're like me and don't have Cable TV, Livestation has some pretty cool features which includes the sci fi channel.

[007] Looking at posts like this reminds me that I need to get back to layout design *_*

[008] Most useful link of the day: batch image processors :) Don't you hate editing photos one by one?