October 15th, 2008

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long days are here again

[001] Haven't posted since Saturday O_O RL has sucked the joy out of everything ;_;

It's not too bad, but classes are tiring and there's one particular teacher who has to be right even when she basically contradicts things she said previously to make a point. And she has us laughing more than any of my other classes but she does it by poking fun at other people - so I'm always, ALWAYS way depressed after her class. Have learnt to keep quiet 'cause she just rubs me all wrong.

[002] When on campus though, I've been reading Jim Butcher's The Codex Alera series and while looking up books people recced previously, I also read aggybird's new halloween!fic which is brilliant. I mean how can you not get hooked when it opens up like this:

Sam opened his front door and brushed cobwebs from his face. A witch, a princess, and Superman stood outside.

“Trick or Treat!” the three children shouted in unison.

“Wow, look at you guys,” Sam grinned, plopping a handful of candy into each of their outstretched bags. “I didn’t know I’d have to entertain royalty or superheroes tonight.”

The little witch glared and stomped her foot on the ground, her face screwed into a pout.

“Or powerful witches,” Sam said. He winked. “Just so you know, I’d look terrible as a toad. Green is not my color.”

\o/ And Pete (the love interest) and his nephew Trevor are totally made of win :) They're ghouls btw XD

[003] Also got a new waterbottle on Amazon. There's something pervy about the bite valve thingy though. It's super thick (like a person's finger/thumb) and you have to bite it for a SLIT to open up and then you SUCK and...*facepalm* It's a really cool bottle though, since you can't seen the contents unless you look at a narrow transparent strip along the side - so no one else knows what you're drinking but you can always tell when you need to get a refill XD

Gave in and got Hi-Fi noise reducing ear buds for $18 (original price being $50) - I lost by earphones a while back and figured I might as well get a pair with decent sound instead of ones which suck and cost $10+ anyway. America and its overpriced basic electronics - totally made of fail.

[004] How to keep Veggies & Fruits fresh - a super handy list for which fruits to store in the fridge or AWAAAAAY from the other fruits to prevent the white and green stuff from appearing everywhere due to cross contamination *shudder*

[005] Five Best Sites To Stream TV? Well, must check them out and see if I've missed anything. I think youtube is streaming Star Trek and MacGuyver though. Ah, yes.

[006] I HATE DRIVING IN RAIN. IT RAINED SINCE LAST NIGHT AND VISIBILITY ON THE HIGHWAY WAS SO LOW. I'm not used to rain when driving - it totally stresses me out. I was *THIS* close to skipping classes today. But I didn't. And then one of my professors DID skip/cancel class. Oh the irony >_<