October 21st, 2008

* V - Peace

Icon poll XD

I cannot wait for the day LJ gets the option to add more icon slots >_<

Okay, have 4 free slots and 15 options. Therefore, poll time, Y/Y? Especially since I just stumbled onto a fab icon maker XD

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Edit: Have updated my userpics, thanks guys \o/
* just ducky

All about visuals...

[001] I'm incredibly happy with my userpics right now. They really click with me personally, even though only 20% of them were actually made by me. They still make me nod and go "YES"

[002] Forget about shipping and fandoms. This brilliant art is something I feel I'd want to frame and put on my wall even 20 years from now. My first thought was, I want a print version. It's fantastic because it's really all about the love. Damn it, wow.

[003] greenbergtoons on the newspaper endorsements for Obama: MADE OF WIN

[004] kerryblaze and coffeejunkii pointed out men kissing and underwear and...it's all at a PANEL? Yup.

[005] I really enjoyed episodes 6 and 7 of True Blood, which were probably the best episodes yet. Also liked My Own Worst Enemy which was surprisingly good.

[006] It's Sylar! No, it's Spock! Wait, it's both.

[007] If you have photoshop and rarely use it, here is an awesome showcase of actions. Just open a picture and click play and the action does your work for you.