October 28th, 2008

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Rundown of commissions...

[001] I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the deal with plurk and twitter. No, seriously. These are two things that just don't seem to click with me (along with myspace/facebook etc.) and I really don't get what the attraction is.

[002] As with certain book comms that tend to have loads of romance books posted, certain video comms have insane amount of horror movies. Both romance novels and horror movies are things I've grown out of and tend to run away from so ;_; I wish there were a way to hide those from view >_>

[003] Past commissions:
  • Draco by ilostmyname (2005)- should have gotten it colored but first commish and couldn't spare the $$ at the time.
  • Draco by kidinair (2006)- loved the sketches, and while I love her coloring, there was something off with the way the painting translated the sketch. However, it was requested during the summer and I kinda forgot about it what with RL... so by the time I stumbled onto it, was too late to ask for any changes *headdesk*
  • Harry & Draco by buttfacemakani (2007)- my dream piece, didn't care how long I had to wait ♥ This was the piece that made me understand how truly AWESOME commissions are. I got exactly what I wanted and it was totally worth it.
  • James/Scorpius by draykonis (2008)- my next gen HP OTP and probably the first fanart of the two together perhaps >_> DRAY IS A SUPER FAST GODDESS
[004] In Progress Commissions (2008)
  • Toph by rei-i - always wanted grown up!Toph and she captured it beautifully *_* Still got a few changes I want but it's total love.
  • Toph & Zuko by ninjatic - only sketches done so far but cannot wait for the finished product :)
  • Harry/Draco by lillym0n - only a rough initial sketch so far...*sits on hands*

Have asked one or two peeps about commissions but the sad thing is most peeps don't have the time or have prices that go well into the triple digits ;_;

Have learnt to always ask/make suggestions if I want something changed in commissions 'cause the worst that can happen is the artist says no/they can't do it. That way I can be all *_* at the final product and never stop and wonder about the what-ifs :)

[005] myrafur posted Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, condensed with gchat images

[006] We also have wee!naruto and chibi!Harry and Draco and a halloween NWS H/D piece that includes a giant pumpkin.