November 9th, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Weekend catachup

[001] It was scary (yet cool) to discover so many comments for the new lj profile codes I posted O_O Probably just the timing but it still made me all \o/ through the weekend :)

[002] I introduced my sis to Caramelldansen via this vid. The song got stuck in her head for a bit and I burst into dance. She wouldn't dance with me though :(

[003] l_vera01 pointed out the 2009 pics for Du Stade are out. Lots of hot nude male athletes, so, not to be missed :F

[004] In April, August and September, I posted every single day, most of the time more than once. So I really don't think signing up to NaBloPoMo would actually change my posting habits, lolol.

Plus, in this first week of November I've already made 16 posts XD Will take rain check for next year -___- I think peeps would be happier if I challenged myself to post LESS for the month - less spammage, y/y?


[006] Driving back from Irving with the sun in my face started a headache. All I wanna do is go to sleep but have stuff that needs doing D:

[007] Semi-random Q: Are there any animes/shows y'all wished had screencaps but just don't seem to have any available online?