November 11th, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

new crossover otp?

[001] Watched the sixth episode of Beautiful People and god, I hope it gets continued. It's just an incredibly awesome show. Also watched the anime Lovely Complex last week which was fun and a lot of laughs :)

[002] New posters for the Star Trek Movie (click for full size):

I photoshopped them so that they're brighter. l_vera01 has the originals here. The movie might be visually stunning but I have worries about the script :< So many movies have lots of eyecandy but lack a good storyline.

[003] If you're in need of a laugh, furiosity posted the most incredible stick figures drawings ever.

[004] I am THIS close to giving in and doing an Edward & Hitsugaya picspam. They are just so fabulous - especially next to each other *_* I would totally ship them together 'cause THEY'RE THE PERFECT HEIGHT TOO