November 14th, 2008

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Narnia bloopers = WIN!

Prince Caspian bloopers involve lots of falling over, a bit of dancing and flailing too - and even an inappropriate sneeze XD Here's all of it!

Yeah, lots of falling XD Will falling down the stars and continuing to fight made me LOL so hard - the armor makes so much frickin' noise ^o^

Have so much love for Skandar, Georgie, Will and Anna ♥

likecharity talks about the bloopers here , hahaha
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[001] parle @ baking posted Wing!icons:



Can't decide which to use but I really can't shove another poll at y'all. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT...AT SOME POINT.

[002] LJ posted a notice above the profile for feedback. I love the new management so much ;_; It made me want to bitchslap the peeps who keep posting comments saying basically DONOTWANT one liners/paragraphs. For the first time, I wish I had a userscript on my browser to hide comments that made my fingers twitchy >_<

[003] After watching peeps on campus and in labs sneeze and sneeze, I've finally caught a cold and I feel sucky now D: Gonna go make some coffee.