November 21st, 2008

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drama illama known as the profile page

Need to hit the sack but came across something pretty interesting in regards to the profile!drama. If you or anyone else was wondering why LJ keeps redesigning stuff that doesn't seem to need fixing - this thread highlights a few things.

Ultimately it really is about usability and while we might have gotten comfortable with old designs, they didn't necessarily work for newbies. Certain peeps mentioned the possibility in recent posts and the thread kinda drives the point home IMO. It's not really about you and me - we overcame the inherent issues that the majority of peeps in the studies pretty much give up on.

I really don't think there's any going back to the old design for LJ. Towards the end they also clarify the difference with offering site schemes vs. multiple profile designs and on the technical side, each is a completely different issue.

LJ can't offer opt outs for everything - in the long term it means increasing fragmentation and development time and probably also changes in the future that might be incompatible with older designs >_>

At least they're willing to take feedback for improvement, which is something rarely seen with other sites.
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[001] Based on reactions to last night's supernatural and smallville, I probably won't be catching up with them till next week. Oddly enough, I'm more interested in the next episode of Legend of the Seeker and Merlin, even though the quality of the shows are kinda...meh? Or at least kinda formulaic/standard fantasy with little depth. But they make for excellent fillers -___-

Must point out that Legend of the Seeker never fails to crack me up - especially when they go all slow motion during fight scenes, complete with the fabulous swirling hair and twirling. It totally reminds me of shampoo commercials lolol

[002] Fooood, foooood. Ok, actually, Nutella brownies :F And Nutella croissant thingies. I now have bakebakebake, armchairchef and casseroles bookmarked. Though I probably managed to miss some recipe comms...

[003] In high school I used to have a folder of wallpapers and a program to switch them every half an hour. However, the program slowed down the computer. Here's a decent alternative though, which is super easy on system resources when running.

[004] Just signed up for a year's worth of PC Magazine online - for free! Yeah, the magazine is no longer gonna be available in print. But hey, if this means I get to see random shiny tech, am all for it. Especially without an added price tag \o/

[005] Smashing Magazine did a showcase of cool artists - most of the ones who made me go *_* I'd already seen before on DeviantART. The one notable exception was Alon Chou -his pieces, A Lonely Heart and Fearless are fab. Especially like the latter 'cause it made me think of historical slash XD

[006] CALENDAR, GET! Ok, ok, so I'm not really a calendar!person. But if I did remember to actually flip to the next month every 30 days or so...I'd get this *_*

[007] Will resolve not to say shiny and peeps as often when posting *headdesk*

[008] Using this coupon, I was able to try the New York Strip steak @ TGI Friday's and get babyback ribs to go. Never tried a NY strip steak before - it's frickin' HUGE O_O