November 26th, 2008

* biting table

It's times like this...

...I srsly miss asia.

Where in the US, can we get passport sized photographs taken like this:

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Never realised what a difference those additional lights make to a photo until I started getting them from Kinkos *shudder* And they give, what, 2 photos for $15?

What happened to the option of getting a dozen photos plus the negatives for making future copies? Ok, so digital is instant, but surely there's a way to get the file for future printings or something.

And I need 8 photos, not just 2. That would be about $50. Bloody hell. Even Wallmart et all charge about $7 for 1 or 2 photos ;_;

Edit: Am looking into Sears which might have additional lights - 8 pics for $40. Messaged a local studio but no response just yet.
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This post comes with warnings.

I love how fanworks can twist and change the original source material - especially when it comes to childhood memories.

Usually, the ideas are more sexualized or cracky - basically more adult themes.

The best example that comes to mind actually goes the way of horror.

Most people who have heard of My Neighbour Totoro have seen this bus stop!image.

After looking at that image, take a deep breath and check out this re-imagining (WARNING: extremely disturbing). Also look close at what the girl is holding in her hand.

It's an incredibly freaky take on a popular family anime!movie. But it's also brilliant in its own way.

Must now look at Disney heroes in their underwear XD