November 28th, 2008

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Got my "All I Want For Christmas" icon from iconseeyou! The only thing it doesn't cover is Zuko/Toph get-together-as-adults fics but let's see, original slash, slashy fanfics, crossover slash ships...yup, everything else is boy on boy action >_>

I uploaded Oofuri caps on diminishcap and am almost done uploading Natsume Yuujinchou, Fullmetal Alchemist and XXXholic (entire shows)

Oh and forgot to mention, but I got my 1000GB external drive and I CAN HOLD IT IN ONE HAND LIKE A BOOK, OMG, SO FABULOUS.

Must take a photo. It's so tiny for one terabyte.
* twiddles fingers


snagged from carameltrap


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My Super Short Wishlist
  1. Original slash - probably the easiest in the list and knowing the awesomeness of LJ, I'm sure I'll be getting this wish in some permutation :)

  2. Zuko/Toph (in their twenties) - most likely the hardest since its one of the rarepairs for Avatar

  3. Hitsugaya Toshiro/Edward Elric - have no probs with crack or PWPs for this since Bleach and FMA are so different that I'm unsure if there's a logical way to get the two to meet. Or it could be a behind the scenes meet where they stumble across one another after anime/manga work XD

  4. Ichigo/Hitsugaya/Renji - only requirement being that Toshiro should be sandwiched between the two \o\o/o/

  5. Peter/Edmund (Narnia)- its been ages since likecharity posted some and am missing it like crazy
Wow, that's slash, het, crossover/fusion, threesome and incest *headdesk* Each person on the flist probably got squicked by at least one >_> What the heck, Y'ALL KNOW I'M WEIRD XD

Edit: I'm very much in an animanga mood so if y'all have another show in mind, I could probably mention my fave pairs :) Yeah, its all about fandom - I can always save up and get other stuff if I wanted anything but fanworks? Entirely different.

And now to save me from going through each person's lj:

Link me to your Wish List!