November 29th, 2008

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Antique Bakery as a live action movie

So Korea is doing a movie version of the japanese manga, Antique Bakery and is TOTALLY accepting of the boy's love. And since I'm in a very K-Drama mood right now, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE

Japan did a drama version a while ago and pretty much cut out all the slash ;_; Am feeling the K-love more and more *_*

I keep hitting my side pillow when I watch this:

Collapse )

Was wheezing and squeeing and spazzing and nearly dropped my laptop \o/
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Tech + art!

[001] Super late but maybe for next year or Christmas: Roasting a Turkey + Cooked Turkey in 45 minutes

[002] Shiny anime pics I can't seem to stop staring at: Kaname/Zero (Vampire Knight) | Sasuke & Naruto | Lyle (Gundam 00)

[003] 15 free high quality fonts - most of which I don't have *grabby hands*

[004] If you like or use Hulu, you might be interested in Sling which also streams high quality vids.

[005] Photoshop brushes I need to download :3

[006] Anyone used Handbrake to convert videos to different formats? What's your opinion of it?

[007] There were three pics on DeviantArt today that made me wonder about the stories behind them: Kids in the Summertime + Couple in Bed + Ghost!boy in the Garden

Each has a certain mood behind it which makes you wonder about what happened to reach that point - and what's going to happen. All of them are by the same artist (goodbyebartleby)

I wish there were more comics, besides this one on lj. In any case, have added the artist to DeviantWatch for stalking ^_^