December 10th, 2008

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Christmas Plans - San Fransisco advice?

So my sis and I are heading to San Fransisco with friends for Christmas hols and they've been emailing back and forth (which is pretty much horrible timing, since I can't keep up with it all with finals) and they've come up with the following schedule so far:

  • 24th: Land in SFO - Golden Gate Bridge @ Night - may not have a car
  • 25th: Napa Valley - room/board in San Francisco - need car for Vineyards et all
  • 26th - SFO ---> Yosemite (and staying there overnight) - will have car
  • 27th: Yosemite - Muir Woods - Staying in SFO - will have car
  • 28th: Go around SFO - may not need car
And the New Year is pretty open too. Need to look at some online travel guides, but was wondering if anyone has advice/opinions on things to do/see/eat in the San Francisco area.

Edit: BTW, some of the friends happen to be vegetarian, so sis and I will probably have to keep that in mind D: OH THE TRAVESTY.

In other news, KISS FM has struck again and I'm listening to Let it Rock again and again today *repeatedly hits head against the wall*

Only two days of finals left and then I'm fre- ok, then I have to move and then I'm fre- okay, need to head over to Dallas to help my sis move and then I'm...oh fuck it, no real free time D: