December 11th, 2008

* run run run

this week needs to be over now


(and moving et all but...*\o/* May yet prevail!)

Got a mini watermellon and soda and frappacinos and Tiff's Treats peanut butter chip cookies and I'll probably stay up all night and try to finish cramming et all.

And then there will be marathoning of SGA, Soul Eater, SPN and...everything else I've been missing D: You know I'm out of it when I've lost track of my regular shows >_>

More into the christmasy mood now though and might actually change my desktop wallpaper (to one of these) to reflect that ^^
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Notice on layouts...

It's been a long time coming, but I'm going to be switching my layouts to noveltybox over the holidays.

Right now its an empty community but I figured this way, anyone who wants to see the layouts on their flist and not my posts (which are many and srsly, who needs so much daily spammage?) will be able to friend that instead ^^

People who were feeling overwhelmed can now breathe easy, lolol

So screencaps are at diminishcap and layouts will be at noveltybox. Might also end up moving the icons over so its just my graphics comm, for profiles, layouts etc.

I know I should be doing a media comm too, for all that other stuff, but this takes priority XD