December 13th, 2008

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This art makes me go, "ORGY, NAO, PLZ"

Reading the descriptions and comparing them with the's really amazing how their individual style reflects each of those genres. And I can't tell who I like the most, they're all incredibly delish. Hence, *orgy* LOL

On a less smutty note, its stuff like this that makes me wonder about the stories behind the characters and how they might have ended up in the same picture and what might happen later - will some of them hook up? Will someone else become so enraged they'll draw a 9mm Browning and take pot shots at the others? INQUISITIVE MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

In any case...*goes to bed with happy, happy thoughts*
* fingers twitchy - MUST TOUCH

DeviantART - recent favorites

Discovered northernbanshee @ DeviantART today and wanna point out the artist's multifandom love:

HUMAN!Transformers ( 1 + 2 ) | Gurren Lagann | Pirates of the Caribbean | Batman ( 1 + 2 + 3 ) | Avatar *focusses only on Zuko*

And ok, I don't watch South Park, but that's been done too: Family Portraits!

There is also a blog which I made a syndicated feed for: northbansh_blog - there are some goodies on the blog not on DA, like DANCING SASUKE LOL + Scenes with the Human!transformers (scroll to bottom) + the kind of Twilight fanart I like *evil laugh* (third picture down)

Today was a gold mine for stuff in lots of different fandoms - some of the shiny fanart I discovered:

Collapse )

And some general spiffy art...

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And lastly, why Artgerm is awesomsauce: #1 | #2

Am now going to stare at human!ninja turtles XD
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Testing layout!

Okay, pretty much done with my future layout for noveltybox

I think I managed to set up the linkbar images for entries and comments too: preview

I was thinking of adding a background header image (line art of a flower or something in blue/green/pink on top of the dark brown) but I probably should keep it simple so the focus is the contect...

Tell me if y'all find any bugs!

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* face fault


Completely forgot about the lack of backdating for comms, so if anyone loaded their friends lists in the last hour and had noveltybox friended too...well, lots of spammage *facepalm*

Have locked the posts for now and will wait a few days before going live with the community (and unlocking posts), so that y'all don't get flooded. At that time I'll redirect the layouts posts over here to the ones over there and also share the new layout :)

Though if there were a backdate option for posts on comms, I could go live today >_> Bah.

Still, kinda excited to finally have my very own layout community :3 A year and a half ago, would never have believed it XD