January 4th, 2009

* embarassed - omg

So it's 2009...

[001] Spent the weekend recovering from the hectic vacation and got to finally wake up after 10am ;_; However, this also meant I only managed to get my clothes hung up and do grocery shopping. Yes, super lazy weekend.

[002] Art pieces like this one can singlehandedly make me want to marathon an old show - Batman Beyond is one of those shows I wish had gone on for more than three seasons - along with Avatar and Roswell. And while X-Men Evolution had more than three seasons...am still all D: even after so many years.

[003] Smashing Magazine showcased comics for a change and I have a feeling I'd loose an entire day just clicking on the links and reading more strips. So addictive!

[004] Am trying to decide which books to finally sit down and read through: Lord John and the Private Matter or Storm Front (The Dresden Files). Really want to sink my teeth into the first but only have the ebook version at the moment. Hmm...must look it up at the library.

[005] Demon!Cassie from the Supernatural episode, Sin City is one of the characters I wish had lasted for way longer than just one episode. While most of the female guest stars left me cold, demon!Cassie? Was awesome. Yeah, this is a bit random but was reminded after seeing this icon post.

[006] Definitely still on San Fransisco time. It's not even 9pm and it feels like its getting close to midnight instead.

[007] On webdesign, this article on The Golden Ratio made me want to finally use the Grid [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ] - but knowing me, if it doesn't happen in the next week or two, it may never happend >_>

[008] OMG, arrows have never been so spiffy! If you've ever wanted to include arrows in tutorials or graphics or in a random lj post, here are all you'll ever need XD

[009] There were over 1000 deviations in my messagebox on DeviantART, along with:
  • A fabulous Sage!Naruto by pokefreak
  • A warrior by heise and not the usual setting IMO *_*
  • Imprisoned by feimo which is simply stunning
  • This piece which makes me wanna try playing World of Warcraft - and I'm really not a gamer.
  • Nelia and Technicolor by charlie140588 - as always, beautiful work. I see her stuff and I wish there were book covers with her art. Gorgeous.
  • Boy in woods - had me wondering about the story behind him

[011] It's official, I'm a spammer - made almost 550 posts in 2008. That's nearly 1.5 posts each day! And in April of last year, there were 80 posts. Boy, you guys can put up with a lot O_O

[012] Watched the first 10 episodes of Nodame Cantabille's second season with them in Paris. Episode 10 made me realise that Nodame and Andrei Chiaki (LOL) are one of my absolute favorite couples. OMG SO MUCH LOVE.

(I think it happened when Chiaki took a picture of Nodame begging and then she drop kicked him to get the camera. And this is an anime about music and orchestras and stuff XD AND THEN THE KISS, EEEK! Need an icon of them asap)