January 6th, 2009

multi - STV - coffee

how art makes me whip out semagic...

[001] Fanart with fabulously detailed backround over here. I absolutely love stuff like this - so many little touches to the room *_*

[002] Found out about the SUP layoffs of LJ employees not through furiosity's post but rather, through the DreamWidth mailing list. Not going to panic just yet - lets see what happens. At least the news got DW's development off the back burner >_>

[003] Along with another possible round of Last Layout Standing, we may be getting a month long sort of layout fest thanks to grrliz :3

[004] After over a year, irinafan has shared another fabulous layout - and its on the new Minimalism style \o\o/o/

[005] Management of diminishcap is changing a bit but I'm hoping to have screencaps out by next week.

[006] Useful design resources: color contrast checker + grrliz's old resources post.

[007] Note to self: take a look at The Daily Plate today

[008] I think I'm going to go back and reread the Dark Ages timeline from the Gargoyles saga. I kinda miss that universe...