January 8th, 2009

* food - chocolate - mmm...

K-Dramas + icecream

[001] I watched the new Korean drama version of Hana Yori Dango (drama wiki) on veoh - (ep1 + ep2) and while I'm not too crazy about the female lead, I think the manga is actually pretty great as a K-Drama as opposed to the TW-Drama or even the J-Drama, at least so far. Still like Inoue Mao from the J-drama, as Yukino the best though >_> Anyway, I found the links via this site.

[002] And now that I'm in the mood, anyone have any new spring K-Dramas (or J-Dramas) to rec? Here's a list of the currently airing dramas XD

[003] I have a craving for Baskin' Robins icecream - I keep thinking about the world class chocolate or the jamoca almond fudge...or the gold medal ribbon (chocolate and vanilla with a caramel ribbon). God, at this rate, I'll end up asking for a hand packed pint of icecream with all three flavors :F Or a banana royale - damnit, must. stop. thinking. of icecream.