January 10th, 2009

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DevART pretties...

Gorgeous art of Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00) - I may not be actively watching the series, but seriously, wow. And the artist is doing Tieria next (♥) - and has a new LJ @ maxdasuki (which sharona1x2 pointed out!)

And some other Devs:
  • Group shot of a couple of Naruto characters. Really wanna dive back into the manga >_>
  • Blue haired girl and girl in motion by ravenskar. Love the details in the first and the movement/action in the second.
  • Here's a kitty that's NOT an LOLcat - balancing on wood. So darn cute, OMG - its a daily deviant from yesterday that I couldn't resist :3
And for something truly random, thanks to tracking various artists' LJs:

"A monkey carrying a Japanese flag, riding a deer, being chased by a bad monkey, carrying a baseball bat."