January 12th, 2009

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Comics, Meme and Big Bang Theory

[001] Just read the 25 pages currently out for the Starfighter online comic - its a space!comic with slash, a dash of violence and smex. Holy crap, yes.

[002] I love how I change my address for everything but forget to call up triple A for a requote of my auto insurance - and when I do get around to doing it, its on the one day they're closed i.e. Sunday.

[003] Some DevART bits:
[004] Did the Sorting Meme, but I think everyone whose done it has gotten some version of Slytherin. I really don't think which characters we relate to, and judgements about Percy should be used to sort us if its a multiple choice quiz thing. The reasoning behind some answers can be quite different from what the creator of the meme assumed they meant.

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[005] sinspire did Big Bang Theory icons @ sundry_icons and is totally made of win:

Oh yeah, and the finale of season 2 for BBT, especially the last 10 minutes, killed me ded - oh god, the hanky!