January 14th, 2009

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It's started!

grrliz has posted up the Non Competitive Layout Challenge!

While I've done several of the challenge terms before, I think I'm going to try combining a couple:

#1 focus will be: Represent one of the four seasons through colour and texture.

I want to do a Spring layout complete with foliage and earthy colors and maybe some berries and blossoms and tiny birds :3 Yes, its still cold in Texas and I hate it D:

Other challenge terms I'd like to do:
  • Use the grid-based approach (mentioned the grid recently and yeah, definitely gonna try!)
  • Use an S2 Style other than Flexible Squares or Smooth Sailing (I want to do a public Mixit layout finally)
  • Create a liquid width layout. (will try to do elastic)
  • Define font sizes in percentages or ems instead of pixels and points. (I've done this a bit before but not really figured it out all the way through)
  • Choose a colour scheme from ColourLovers or Kuler (so I just search for a decent season!color scheme :D)
  • Use a background image in an area other than the overall page background. (will have multiple background images so that's fine)
  • Manipulate the header so that it appears not as a header but as a sidebar. (Hmm...that could be a three column design maybe? Let's see if the grid approach would let me do this or not...)
  • Have elements of your layout break outside the box. (floral stuff, especially leaves/branches are pretty good for this \o/)

Plus one more personal one: explore typography and finds some different standard fonts to use.

Let's see how it goes! Have 6 weeks to play around with stuff so \o/ Alternatively, if the season!layout doesn't work I may focus on:

Pick a historical figure (pre-1900) and create a layout that would have graced their LiveJournal had LJ existed.(...with the focus being on Jane Austen or a fictional character)

And here's the actual pimping for the challenge:

I'm making LJ a more visually stimulating place —
find out how you can too!