January 22nd, 2009

* slutty - just a little

fic rec

I don't like the Disney Channel crowd much, and that includes the Jonas brothers.

However, likecharity wrote a corruption!fic where Will and Skandar (the actors for Peter and Edmund from the Narnia!movies) make it their mission to corrupt Nick Jonas. Not only is the fic bloody HOT, we also have hillarious moments where Anna knows exactly whats going on and Georgie is adorably clueless XD

Totally made my day, especially after the blinding headache from yesterday :3 Am now in a rather pervy!mood too XD
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State of the Flist, lol

[001] Current State of the Flist (inspired by coffeejunkii's latest postXD):
  • H/D fen focussed on fests
  • H/D fen currently into Merlin
  • H/D fen currently into anime
  • H/D fen (just a few) currently into the Administration series...
  • Multi-fandom fen who continue to be...multi-fandom oriented XD
  • & 99% of the flist currently Obama!crazy LOLOL

So this should apply to most of y'all: OBAMA DOLL!

My favorite picture is Obama vs Darth Vader complete with light saber MWHAHAHA - would credit the flist-er who posted it this morning, but can't locate the post D: In any case, this is one of the many reasons Japan rocks my socks off haha

I might be the only person who thinks Colin (who plays Merlin) can't act, but I watch the show anyway so nevermind XD Definitely a guilty!watch of mine *has a girl!crush on Morgana*

[002] Most exciting part of the Oscar noms? Heath Ledger and Slumdog Millionaire. My favorite male actor growing up (watched him since the TV Show Roar) and a movie that calls to my roots :3 A R RAHMAN GETTING NOMINATED MADE ME ALL FLAILY OMG OMG YAAAAAAAAY

[003] New TV Shows of the season that I'm watching tonight: United States of Tara and Being Erica. Am also going to be trying out all of these shows when they air. I'm nervous about Dollhouse 'cause I don't know if it can live up to the insane amounts of hype around it...

ETA: Being Erica? Is pretty awesome so far!

Son of ETA: Watched the first three eps and yup, Being Erica is pretty damn good :)

[004] Caved and paid for a month's subscription to anime-plus.com - I used to be a monthly subscriber, and I just realised how bad the addiction was,(which can be blame on the super easy downloads). My download quota is 43000 MB+. Yes, I can download over 40 GB of anime from the site in a month* ^o^ The only reason I signed up this month is 'cause they've been adding insane amounts of anime titles - including older shows that have completed airing. Stuff which I haven't found on other sites like galanime. So...*gives into temptation*...its worth $5 IMO

* This also means that in at least one month in the past, I've downloaded over 30GB of anime from the site. Dude, WTF :O