February 26th, 2009

* embarassed - omg


Spent the past hour looking up a really old Mills & Boon het romance by Lynne Graham that I read in middle school/high school - complete with domineering Alpha male and misunderstood female *headdesk*

And then I bought it on Amazon *repeatedly headdesks* It's your typical torrid romance and I just had this need to reread it ASAP. Hell :(

Also, meme snagged from snegurochka_lee:

One little compliment can make you feel great. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.

Comments are going to be screened so none of you will know if I'm uber-popular, who gets over 100 comments on this, or who's a total loser and doesn't get any.

I'd rather just do this than do anon!memes and snaps cups later >_>
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OMG, Het!

Yesterday, I re-read one of my old highschool het romance novels by Linda Howard and ended up scouring the web for oldies.

The sad thing is that most of the novels are back in asia collecting dust on the shelves at home, or given away to friends. So after looking through certain lj comms, torrents and the magic of google (the title and author in quotes + the word download) I managed to find pretty much all the books I was looking for in ebook format \o/. They include:

  • Mirror Image by Sandra Brown
  • Remember When by Judith McNaught
  • A few books by Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey and Judith McNaught
Quite sure I'll be back to reading fantasy again next week though :)

In any case, reading the blurbs of the Johanna Lindsey novels had me cringing in horror. How on earth did I ever get past them the first time around? Oh wait, my sister had been reading them first >_> Still remember sneaking the books around when I was 12 or 13.

Now when I go back home for the hols, its usually yaoi and slash I'm sneaking around and its always hidden in a window or tab on the computer XD


Most unexpected post ever,Y/Y?