February 28th, 2009

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het, slash, art and shows

[001] While a number of the authors who I used to read in highschool no longer quite gel with me (though they have their moments), the immediate exception was Linda Howard, who seems to have the grittiness and characterization similar to a lot of the stories I usually read these days, whether they be fantasy or slash.

I just finished Death Angel incredibly fast as well as Now You See Her both of which I found were good reads.

Other old favorite het authors had me skimming through their stories to get to favorite moments and I realised their storytelling style just doesn't really click nowadays

[002] On the slash front, I'm on chapter 5 of Where the Water Roars - so far it been interesting :) Also plan on trying In the Company of Shadows soon.

[003] red_rahl made me laugh when I woke up with her fabulous art over here - the expressions, the movement, its all wonderful

[004] 90009 has an artdump here of older work, some of which is stunningly beautiful and others show how with enough time drawing, art can definitely get better and better.

[005] I'm trying to stay clear of certain shows like DollHouse and American Idol until halfway though the season, so I can just marathon eps. Instead, I'm keeping up with Being Human and Being Erica.

Being Human replaced the main heroine when it official started up this year, which on one hand was good, since the new female lead is a much better actress, but on the other hand the gay buttsex subtext has been toned down so much ;_; I'm more interested in the show as a whole but I miss the slashy moments of the pilot ep.

It's refreshing to see a show like Being Erica placed in Canada, instead of filming there and claiming its the States. References to Toronto makes me all \o/ for some reason, I'm not sure why.