March 17th, 2009

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Fics & art...

[001] After reading cobecat's lovely drabbles, I headed over to the_slash_pile for original slash fics.

I then discovered I'd somehow missed aggybird's FABULOUS fic Make the Yuletide Gay.

Also enjoyed Shy Hunter by ginnhale (the author of Wicked Gentlemen)

[002] DOGS: Bullets and Carnage trailer, WOOT! carameltrap pointed it out and I can't wait for the OVAs that come out later this month!

[003] Am staying away frOm Zoku Natsume Youjinchou until ep 13 so I have more to watch XD

Also managed to stay clear of Hetalia Axis Powers, which I really want to marathon after its all done. And not watching Gundam 00 is more out of self preservation than anything else - I'm just NOT going to watch the anime if Tieria dies at the end :(

[004] Two pretties from DeviantART: Kuroshitsuji and For you...the moon

[005] Note to self: try out the webcomic Them Dudes

[006] Since the latest chapter of Naruto, I went hunting on DevART for shiny stuff:

Spoilery for the Naruto chapter 439:
  • Some fanart made immediately after the latest naruto chapter XD
  • The coloring on this piece is fab - I could stare for an hour *_*
  • Cracktastic awesomeness over here ♥♥♥♥♥
General Naruto shiny:
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Since there was interest...

The layout for gossbox is from spire and is called Visual Bookmark

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Customization Notes
  • The idea was to have a comm that looks like you're browsing a site and not an LJ
  • The sidebar works with a Free text box, a Links box, a Tags box and a Month box.
  • The gossbox version is ideal for communities or journals where there is only one poster or the poster is NOT important 'cause there are NO userpics or poster names (its the content that matters most)
  • Dates have been disabled since they interrupt with the flow of the title slightly in Explorer
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  • Crediting in the bio of the comm/lj profile would be something like:
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