March 19th, 2009

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Picspam - of underwear? SHOPPING BOOTY!

8 UNDIES FOR $25, Y/Y? That's just $3 for each underwear and I ♥ AERIE

Am supposed to be sleeping but had to post this first >_>

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I'm totally blaming my sister since she was telling me that if you sign up to their alist thingy in the store and bring a printed coupon you get an underwear FREE, but but but - I could barely even stick to just 8 patterns from the online store ;_;

Obviously I should not go anywear near Aerie for a long, long time.

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Avatar comics FTW

In case anyone's in need of some laughter at the moment, here are a couple of my favorite Avatar!comics. Most are by rufftoonAdded quite a bit of stuff to my various favorites collections on DeviantART :)
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Petition Signing

It's not just about a movie. It's not just about a bunch of fans being wanky.

When you get down to it, the issue the petition focuses on is racism.

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This is about the way Hollywood has been doing movies, where heroes = whites and villains = people of color. Whitewashing has been happening throughout the history of film and it continues today.

Personally, the rage I feel comes primarily from the fact that the entire Water Tribe - the nation with pretty much the darkest skin tone in the series - has been white-washed. And at the same time, we have Fire Nation - the villains, with a much lighter skin tone than the Water Tribe - as an asian!nation.

Hollywood has done this time and again with movies and I can't even explain the frustration I feel to see it being done to Avatar which has always been about going past that.

I hate the way people are telling others to just suck it up and deal - that nothing can be done, that it's just a movie and doesn't matter in the scheme of things. It's not just Avatar - it's Dragonball, it's Prince of Persia, it's AKIRA, its Cowboy frickin Bebop.

And Avatar isn't a Japanese anime being turned into an American movie - it's already a western cartoon and doesn't need to be Americanized for mass consumption and to increase marketability because those Asian themes its incorporates is exactly WHY there's such a huge fan base already in America and the world over.

Just. ARGH.

If y'all haven't signed the petition yet *points to the button above*