March 21st, 2009

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Naruto Chapter 440

I think every 50 or 100 chapters I go into spazz mode and all I can do is flail and smash my keyboard in hysteria at the awesomeness that is Naruto.

First I must explain the brilliance via a single inspirational poster that someone posted on DeviantART:

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FYI: You can read chapter 440 online here or download it superfast here

I spent yesterday reading this post @ capslock_naruto and getting increasingly spazzy.

Also came to realise there was only one person on the flist to go nuts about the chapter with *hugs bloody_american to death* So I guess I'll be hitting the naruto comms soon XD

Moving on to the fabulous chapter, I want to revisit the two scenes at the start that made everything perfect..

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*please pause for flailing*

Okay :3

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Oh and this comment wins at EVERYTHING, LOLOL