March 25th, 2009

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Books books books

[001] Re-read Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale and while its a slash story with lot of dark elements (addiction, violence, murder etc.) it feels like a light read rather than something meaty. Somehow I wish there'd been more focus on the relationship or if that had not been possible, some more dialogue/interaction in the middle of all the investigating. Here's hoping Turnskin clicks better.

[002] Have got some ebooks and am planning on getting some more from Amazon and the library. However, I was wondering if people had tried any of the books and what they thought about them:

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Yeah, quite a few titles listed there, which is why, any opinions would be AWESOME ^^
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


Hailstones somewhere between golf and tennis ball sized stones destroyed the rear view window of my Corolla *RAGE*

((At first I didn't noticed, being glad the side and front indows were okay but then I realised, "Oh. OH CRAP, THE REAR VIEW WINDOW IS GONE" There are jagged edges of glass and glass inside D:"))

We covered it with cardboard and a tarp but have to figure out if I can get it repaired tom without losing the car for multiple days :(

*waiting for AAA on the phone*

Edit: Yeah, my comprehensive coverage has a $500 deductible so I'll pretty much be paying for it out of pocket, unless its insanely expensive and goes over that >_> Definitely not doing anything fun for the summer...

It's surprising how very few things can get me more freaked than something that happens to my car