March 26th, 2009

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Entry Tracking on LJ

I've been using entry tracking as a version of RSS feeds for LJ - which has greatly reduced the strain on my feedreader :) It also lets me just track entries with a certain tag - like for icons only, or a particular fic tag.


So here are most of the ljs/comms I track entries of:

General posts: LJs I'm trying out or STALKING, LOLCollapse )

Fic TrackingCollapse )

RecsCollapse )

Icon LJsCollapse )

Icon CommsCollapse )

LayoutsCollapse )

Art, Comics & MangaCollapse )

On Hiatus, Often MISS their posts, Rarely PostCollapse )

Crap, that was long o_O

Edit: Refer to comments for how I use tracking on LJ