March 31st, 2009

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Question for ANY techies...

If you have your own website and lots of space (thanks to dreamhost),how would you go about creating an area:
  • that is password protected
  • lets people download files
  • lets people UPLOAD upload (using the login info)
  • have the options of both FTP and http uploading.
So it's a cross between an online storage space and megaupload in a way - except its not publicly accessible and its on your OWN site.

Basically I want a content management system for filesharing, as opposed to blogging (wordpress)or forums (joomla et all)

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Dreawidth, WereYORKIES and Animanga...

[001] Most people are probably aware that Dreamwidth's Open Beta stage starts at the end of April.

I'm on the mailing list and after seeing the alternative sitechemes mentioned last week, I decided to fill out and send the Contributor Licensing Agreement yesterday, so that I could also pitch in on site scheme designs and layouts.

Will probably end up doing some mockups this week with different ideas - though not sure if anyone here would like to take a look and provide opinions on possible tweaking >_>

[002] Instead of werewolves (and weretigers and werebears) in fics - how about wereyorkies? Yes, guys who transform into ADORABLE LITTLE DOGS, LMAO XD Check out this fabulous list of original fics (a lot of which happens to be slashy, lol)

[003] sn_exchange is a SASUNARU FEST, YAAAAAAAY. If anyone has dabbled in that ship before, do check it out!

[004] Collapse )

Will be posting links to super pretty Naruto fanart later both on DeviantART (some via phoenixacid's DA faves) and on Japanese fanart sites (some of which are just, WOW)

[005] Finished off Hyakko last night which was light but fun :3 I still see Torako and Suzume as an AU!female Duo and Heero/Trowa (more the former than the latter) - especially since Suzume TOTALLY KISSES Torako in the last episode MWHWAHAHA. Not to mention Ayumi=AU!Quatre and Tatsuki=AU!Wufei XD

Rideback also ended well though both shows felt a bit too short at just 12/13 episodes. I wish there'd been more episodes - particularly for Rideback since it felt like it ended just when it had really begun - and I want more of the silver haired dude and dancing on ridebacks!

[006] Am downloading the last 21 eps of Soul Eater to marathon and post to GB, as well as Natsume Yuujinchou's second season \o\o/o/

[007] Oh god, tomorrow is April Fools D: D: I think I need to put a giant post it note on my laptop with the date since there are ALWAYS things that freak me out ('cause I'm a gullible fool >_>)

[008] *headdesk* KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING. mediocrechick's icons piqued my interest 'cause of her use of text:



Her icons focus mainly on SPN and Lost but there are several other fandoms too :)