April 2nd, 2009

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Big Bang Theory, Drama comms and Ebook...

[001] On the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Penny using the Star Trek shield reference was MADE OF WIN. She keeps getting slightly geekier and is waaaaay better than she was in the first season \o/

[002] Just four artists this time round:
  • If you've even vaguely heard about Neil Gaiman's Sandman stories, check out this amazing wallpaper. It's just so damn creative and interesting and makes me want to read the characters its based on.

  • Also discovered fantastic art by Ethe @ DevART.
    Some of my favorite pieces: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    The coloring style is so different from what one usually sees on the site.

  • THIS was down yesterday due to an April Fool's joke so I'm posting about it now.
    When I picture non-human characters in original slash fics they look something like this in my head - not quite human, but incredibly hot anyway. And I can't help but look at the guy and wonder how the smut would be with him >_>

  • Blackplum!girl by Loish - sadly, this seems like the last of her fruit!girl series.

[003] anenko pimped out showboating, which is a community for drama discussions :)

[004] Read a bit of Crossing borders by Z. A Maxfield and while I dropped it after a few chapters, there was one line that had me spazzing:

“Oh, Sparky.” Michael stroked Tristan’s face with the back of his hand. “I briefly forgot how very, very shiny you can be."
SHINY! I totally flailed and rolled around in bed 'cause I never thought I'd ever read it in a fic. OMG.

Should point out I have about 3+ gigs of just ebooks on my laptop, most of which I still need to read >_>