April 3rd, 2009

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Wolvie!movie, Fics, Oldie!Games and Sorting...

[001] Wolverine: Origins - surprisingly good and all I want now is a movie featuring Team X or better yet, Ryan Reynold's Dead Pool (who is frickin' AWESOME). Absolutely adore his humor and OMG, DUAL KATANAS FTW.

[002] Ended up reading A Change to Color again- one of my favorite long oneshot Rogue!fics in the X-Men Movie-verse! OH, HAPPY DAY *_*

[003] Started reading Captive Prince by freece a while ago, which is definitely different from the usual slave!tropes one finds in these kinds of slash fics. I also love the fanart posted 'cause, SO PRETTY!

[004] On my runthrough of all the old stuff I enjoyed 10+ years ago, I went searching for the old games with bad graphics.

Found: Marco Polo, Colonization, King's Quest 5 & 6 and High Seas Trader. Which made me realise that I just like fantasy games that let me do shopping O_O

Also gonna try Castles, Evolution, Merchant Prince, Settlers II, Lords of the Realm II and Pirates! Gold. If anyone wants to try some oldie!games, just PM me and I'll see if I can snag it for you :)

[005] Dance Your Cares Away from wordboner - it's surprising how a single line makes me want to get up and start dancing - really awesome.

[006] The latest page of Starfighter is just as hot as the rest (perhaps even more so in some ways >_> ) KINKY.

[007] Three DevARTs:Suddenly I want to sort ALL my fandom characters into the Hogwarts' houses >_> DAMNIT.