April 5th, 2009

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On the topic of Dreamwidth

While I have an OpenID account for now at DW, I'm going to try to get my hands on one of the 400 seed accounts when they go on sale at the end of April.

Will be porting my LJ over to DW, with the intention being that I'll start posting there and crossposting here - either via trusty ol' Semagic or via DW's posting page (which looks like it'll have crossposting capabilities ^^)

The good thing is that all the posts I'm watching on LJ can still be added to DW's reading list even if people DON'T move there. So I won't be reading both the friends list on LJ and DW - just the reading list on DW.

Of course one can never tell what'll happen, so this is pretty much my 'if all goes well' plan haha

Though gossbox and noveltybox will be staying on LJ