April 13th, 2009

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Cons, Best Commish idea ever and Aut is frickin' AWESOME

...and random and crazy and cracktastic fun XD Srsly though, AIM was meant for people like cornmouse Was collapsed over my bed wheezing (into the wee hours of the day)...that is, when I wasn't flailing around :D

Among other things she pointed out that while Azkatraz (and Comic Con) might not work into the immediate budget, there is still Dragon*Con in September so...there are definite possibilities for that :3

And then there'll be more pics like THIS ♥ Oh man, Terminus...

Have to admit, the thought of draykonis doing her a commish had me all *_* for a while...at least until I heard the requested characters. Then I was too busy hacking up a lung from laughing too hard.

Oh god, THE CRACK, IT KILLS. Collapse )

Edit: Oh and Dray also happened to get a Daily Deviant award at DA! Hopefully, this will lead to her art being on the daily popular page \o\o/o/