April 15th, 2009

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Icon tut, DW, StarFighter & Orig Fic

[001] I posted a tutorial and action of my anime!icon making at noveltybox so people can apply similar coloring techniques to their icons. As happy as I am with the FMA icons, I don't have the patience for icon making fulltime.

[002] On DreamWidth - might be in the minority, but have no probs waiting till Open Beta for a DW account - especially since the importing is a bit buggy still. I just wanna get my hands on a seed account at the end of the month XD Though I wonder how long it'll take for the 30-60 min delay for LJ posts to transfer to DW's reading list to be changed

[003] For people who HAVE gotten an account here's a post on what you can do during the Closed Beta and also this: crossposting to DW and LJ via Semagic.

[004] There's a collection of LJ (and LJ clone) specific userscripts which work with greasemonkey (on FireFox) and Opera.

[005] The latest StarFighter page is pretty great (and still, NSFW) - I love reading Abel's thoughts - like back on page 33 too- they're so...honest in a way and believable and incredibly intimate. It's exactly why I like this webcomic so much - the art is fantastic, but Abel's characterization, and the way Cain's personality comes through even without dialogue, it's just, wow.

[006] In other news libby_drew is looking to original fic writing as her main focus now and all I can do is go \o/ 'Cause dude, Sansa's original fics ROCK SO HARD. They more than make up for the lack of future H/D from her. IMO, as long as she's still on lj and posting and ficcing, it's all good.

[007] A single image that tracks and summarizes amazonfail XD

[008] A really good post about DW and LJ and communities: Why Dreamwidth? Because sheep are awesome. (*Not an official slogan)