April 17th, 2009

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First *points to icon and caughs* completely snaggable if anyone is interested :3

Second, I got a random invite to DW (my profile is here and switched to seed account (here).

Before doing an import of userpics I cleaned out some I didn't use on LJ, and I now need to choose 15 userpics from the 40 icons I would like to use.

Limited free slots and my indecision economics demands...

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(( Most are not mine so please credit the icon maker if snagging ))

ETA: Alrighty, have added the icons XD Thanks for the help guys ♥

Child of ETA: OMG! I love how DW imported the 197 userpics all at once! SO SHINY!
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Rambling on DW circle policies

zvi's Circle Policy was an interesting read :) I think I'm going to wait until Open Beta too before adding names to my reading list (and crossposting too). Though I have to admit going LOL at this bit:

I love people unlocking for me! No, like, seriously, I do. Way to be totally inconsistent, I know, but I love to see the behind-the-curtain stuff. And I don't break lock, really. And, if I were silently judging you, I'd just unsubscribe, I wouldn't say something hideously embarrassing. So, unlock for me if you'd like, it would be very cool.
Am embarassed to admit I feel very much the same - getting to know what happening under a lock is always interesting :3

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