April 22nd, 2009

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Lurkers, lurkers everywhere :)

[001] Am making a mockup for my 2009 LJ/DW layout reboot (the spark is back, yay!). Result so far is here and is very rough (haven't added the icons/sidebars or anything)- the idea is that I'll just design it on Core2 and have it work on both sites *hopes like hell* Otherwise, its back to Expressive/Mixit.

[002]painless_j pointed this out: Why Aren't People Commenting on My Post. I started reading it, stopped, ran to the loo and then came back and finished reading it XD It's insanely funny and probably true in most cases XD

My favorite part was definitely:
10% of the people who read you only lurk. They lurk everywhere. Maybe they can't type. Maybe they have tentacles and can't find a tentacle-ready keyboard. You don't know. And do you really want to risk displaying your prejudice against the betentacled?
*points to icon* PEOPLE WITH TENTACLES ARE LOVE. And kinky.

But anyway, the poster is a girl after my own heart - her profile info had me nodding to EVERYTHING, especially:

I am the world's shittiest commenter; I suck at leaving them, and I suck at replying to them. But I try hard, "try" being the key word, there. If I don't reply to a comment you left, believe me, I still read it and loved it and cuddled it to my heart; RL just ate up the time I had for replying to it.
Okay so ended up adding her on DW despite my intention to wait till Open Beta >_> DAMN IT.

[003] Watched the first three episodes of the drama Black & White after getting seduced by darkeyedwolf's pimping post which was HOT. The drama had its moments and even a near boy on boy liplock *_*