April 25th, 2009

* dead - need sleep

Ugh :(

[001] Not sure why but just woke up and my head and neck feels like I was doing headstands in my sleep D: And I feel icky like I might throw up if I eat something :(

Very, very weird since the few times I've slept in a weird position before, it always just been a crick in the neck >_> And I can't find my A'leve tablets :(

[002] Was planning on finally watching Dexter season 3 today after rewatching seasons 1 and 2, but now I think I might wait to watch it in all its gruesome, morbidness after I feel a bit better ^^

[003] sharona1x2 pointed out countdown_recs which is a comm for recs across various media - books, movies, etc - a comm after my own heart really.

[004] On the Avatar movie's failboat casting, Parmount responded in a letter but what's really worth reading is the response from MANAA which made me go yes

[005] If you're interested in replacing the mini-icons on DW and LJ, made a post at mintyapple listing icon sets available. DW's new image addresses can be found here and here

[006] I'd love to get my hands on these fonts but only metropolis looks free >_>

Okay, must go get pills now, ugh