April 30th, 2009

* scratch head

Way longer than I thought...

[001] I have this feeling that once the Half Blood Prince movie comes out and we have photos and meta and headdesking, I'm gonna end up jumping back into HP and H/D and catching up on the backlog of awesome fic :) I feel like I'm getting back in the mood for some Draco lovin' *happy sigh*

[002] Found a list of rec lists @ aznara_recs as well as one for NaruSasu. SCORE!!! The first post also leads to several multi-fandom lists such as Reccing the Reccers. It makes me realise that I need to take the time and find reccers I click with beyond those I've come across in the HP fandom.

[003] OMG DW SEED ACCOUNT *grabby hands* Note to self: 8PM CENTRAL, BUY. By tonight I'm going to be either super happy or super disappointed (if seed accounts sell out in 5 minutes or something equally insane D:)

[004] I know its evil but I felt sadistically happy to hear that Adam Lambert was in the bottom two for American Idol. Of course this means the legion of fangirls will come back even stronger and Allison is definitely out next week but \o/ Yay for surprise upsets, MWHAHAHAHA (especially when I want the unpopular contestant to win). I wish Allison would last till the top two or three D:

[005] Tom Felton has finally found the hairstyle that works for him and it shows in all the press photos , photoshoots etc. (+ 1, 2, 3) Just in time really, 'cause HBP is definitely going to give him the most media coverage :3 I cannot wait for the photo spammage to come Apart from him, the two other actors I'm keeping an eye out for are Mathew Lewis (reason) and Devon Murray.

[006] noveltybox crossed 800 watchers and gossbox crossed 1000 (though in the past 48 hrs or so, membership doubled and crossed 1500, yikes) Will start moderated membership or an invite based system soon for GB. Definitely don't want it to grow too fast >_>

[007] Interesting posts lately:
[008] Layout design blather...Collapse )

[009] lemonpunch continues to make me all *_* with her icon coloring:



And here I thought there's wasn't much to blog about ^^

DW Open Beta sale


All 200 permanent dreamwidth accounts that went on sale today, sold out in under 24 minutes.

After 5 minutes: 100 sold
After 7 minutes: 150 sold
After 14 minutes: 175 sold
After 19 minutes: 190 sold
After 24 minutes: sold out

The last 200 seed accounts go on sale tomorrow! (Edit: Due to an error with new account creation there'll be one more sale of 200 seed accounts next weeek too! The way they deal with problems is just ♥)

Okay, I might be the only one who found the numbers interesting >_> But yay for an official permanent account :)