May 3rd, 2009

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Art & Animated Shows...

[001] BEST WALLPAPER EVER - seriously, never been so attracted to abstract design, especially one with so much chocolatey goodness. The colors are just LOVE.

[002] Thanks to the poll in the last post, I've pretty much finalized the design, apart from the two sidebar modules. Also did a revamp of my DW profile which highlights the circle policy.

Unfortunately, there's a bug with the DW profile page which causes most code (even if you stick to strict XHTML) to break, so I spent way too long just coming up with a temporary version that worked *sigh* I don't know, didn't want to start the import process with a profile page that looked half missing >_>

[003] I watched the Iron Man Armoured Adventures cartoon which...turned out to be rather blah. The script/dialogue was extremely predictable, the action didn't flow too well (at least in comparison to The Spectacular Spider-man and Avatar) and the 3D art looked incredibly clunky D:

[004] If anyone if interested in seeming some Marvel cartoons - both old and brand new - you can watch them on the official site over here

[005] Sometimes you forget how talented the flist is - for instance bzzinglikeneon is doing some gorgeous art, previews of which you can check out here and here *_*

[006] Been playing Spectacular Spider-man in the background while doing coding and the voice work is actually really good, at least compared to the usual cartoons coming out these days - very captivating even with sound!only :)

[007] Collapse )
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

AI, DW and Amazing Spider-man

[001] If anyone is interested in leaked songs by American Idol contestants, some by Kris Allen were posted publicly over here and here

[002] Access is now open on DW so if you've suscribed/granted access, just comment/introduce yourself here - the LJ flist can head to this post :)

[003] Note to self: please get around to catching up with Shousetsu Bang*Bang at some point ^^

[004] Amazing Spiderman issues #471 to #542 - written by J. Michael Straczynski - are amazing. If you've seen a few Spidey cartoons or the movies et all, you don't need to read the previous issues really. I just jumped in and was glad I did that 'cause the art and story are brilliant.

The thing is, I remember seeing issue #478 a few years ago in the mall and being all, O_O Collapse )

[005] Version 3.0 of Scimitar Smile makes me all spazzy, especially the quotes that change every few seconds on the homepage :)

Another bit of awesome is the submission list for their Original AU category of the Brave New Worlds contest which I must try out soon.

[006] I have 6 DW invite codes available for anyone who wants one :)

Edit: was going to title this post "AI, DW, FMA & ASM" but figured that was waaay too many acronyms XD