May 10th, 2009

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[001] In the Naruto manga, I wish this was canon, so very much.

[002] FYI: my internet has been on the fritz for the past few days but should have it back by Monday - Time Warner will be coming over to take a look see and hopefully they'll have it figured out.

[003] Never realised that I hadn't made my FMA filter public until just a few days ago: here it is, if anyone would like to keep track of the fandom!

[004] Collapse )

[005] The latest draykonis!art is total male eyecandy - I love her original/non-fanart stuff :3

[006] Future MMORPGs to try out: Aion, Lineage and City of Heroes

Discovered the first one via buttfacemakani's post. Its possible to sign up to the chinese beta of Aion via these instructions + these screeencapped steps and get it translated to english via a patch \o/

Though I wish Blade & Soul was available in english already, since its gorgeous. NCSoft seems to have all the fantasy games with eyecandy >_>

[007] Finally marathoned True Blood Collapse )

[008] Looking at this comparison image of the casts of Star Trek (TOS and the 2009 movie), Karl Urban seems to have the most presence in the new cast :3 While Chris Pine is pure eyecandy, I find my mind turning to Urban and Eric Bana when I think of the movie. Just, really really hot men.

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[010] Oh yeah, and l_vera01 has an awesome post of the Star Trek movie that just had me nodding my head through most of it XD