May 21st, 2009

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Totally happy about AI especially after watching the AI!extra interviews with Adam and Kris. While you can already see a backlash starting to form from the upset online (both media and forums), I can't be anything but pleased by the result - Adam is most likely going to get a contract anyway - one which would be less binding than if he'd won - and Kris will finally get the major pimpage the producers never allotted him (along with Allison) during the show. And I get happier with each Kris!interview, really.

I know if it had been a final 2 with Allison and Adam or Allison and Kris, I'd be devasted if red haired rocker chick hadn't won but since it came down to the two boys, knowing that Adam will do brilliantly anyway makes me happy Kris won.

And the interviews were doubly amazing because not only was there no mention of Gokey but there was all this Adam/Allison/Kris lovin' sprinkled in. SO FABULOUS. It was like, Gokey, who? and the Trifecta of Awesome :3

Okay, this is my last individual AI post - never gotten this interested before ever XD

Edit: EW has an excellent article over here thought its the third page of the article that had me going, HELL YES. They also have a great interview with Kris - can't wait for the Idolatory interview for the top 2! Though the Danny!interview is going to be hillariously evil hahahaha

Am now reading their On the Scene article :)
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[001] First ever AI icon! I don't think I'll get tired of seeing these three together XD Where are the threesome/twosome picspams?

[002] While I won't be watching the new Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock movie, the promo video/skit for it was rather funny XD

[003] Am on season 6 of The Next Generation though I've taken a break to watch old Bollywood movies, in particular Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar which makes me all ♥ I think that's the reason I'm a sucker for sports!movies/anime/manga etc.

[004] Top 10 Overlooked Shows from the 90s - dude, Sliders! And forgot about First Wave haha. Though I never realised that Space: Above and Beyond inspired Battlestar Galactica's reinvention - but it makes sense in a way.

[005] You can get all 3 GuildWar games/campaigns for the price of one - GoGamer is selling the GuildWars Trilogy for $33 and considering that you never have to pay subscription fees with Guild Wars \o/ Not to mention GW's graphics are just beautiful :3

[006] Awesome Doctor Who fanart of the cast by questionstar! You can see the initial sketch over here too.

[007] Yes, totally slipped under the radar for the past week but RL got busy :/