May 29th, 2009

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Want coffee D:

[001] I've been wanting to drink some Indian filter coffee for a while now and decided instead of constantly visiting a desi restaurant, I'd get the filter and coffee which would be cheaper in the long run XD

Not sure where I can get the regular coffee/chicory blend locally but might try buying Community Coffee or Coffee du Monde in future...

[002] Thinking back to the Star Trek '09 movie, my mind tends to jump to Karl Urban - so discovering that emmagrant01 wrote McCoy!fic (in particular, Kirk/McCoy smuttiness), made me all \o/ While I adore Leonard Nimoy, I'm not too fond of Sylar Movie!Spock slashed with Movie!Kirk *shrugs* McCor is *it*

[003] If you watched even a single episode of American Idol this year, its worth watching the videos of Idolatry - if I could, I'd rip the episodes, zip 'em up and share them - but since I can't *shamelessly pimps* 

The vids are absolutely hillarious - there's a reason why people who don't keep up with AI, still watch Idolatry every week XD Oh and the interviews of Anoop, Adam and Allison are great - the one for Kris is going up on the weekend :) The finale will be the Danny interview - considering the hate from Kristen week by week, its sure to be hysterical MWHAHAHAHA

[004] As much as I adore the Kradison and Kradam friendship, there's this part of me that is dying for future!Kradison romantic fic (like the general, hot threesomes likecharity writes, lol) - where Allison is 21 or so, Kris is divorced and Adam finds the whole situation insanely funny.

It doesn't have to be smutty at all and may just be focussed on the development from friendship to...more. And perhaps a scene of smarmy!Danny and Kris (or Adam) wanting to punch him in the face XD I feel so evil for wanting it but...*siiiiigh*

There's way too many Kris/Adam, Kris/Allison, Allison/Adam pictures and scenes + THIS and...*dies*

[005] Is it my imagination or has posting slowed this month in general? I know personally, I've kinda taken an impromptu mini LJ/DW vacation but people seem to have posted less in the past few weeks