August 8th, 2009

* fingers twitchy - MUST TOUCH


Oh man, re-watching an old fave anime and I'd forgotten how hillarious Kare Kano is - sprayed my laptop with water ^^ It's been a while since I laughed this hard XD

I'm going through other old shows too - had forgotten how my hands tend to get all twitchy when I see Inuyasha, 'cause of his ears *_* I have to pet the cats periodically to stop the twitchiness >_> But yay for the anime finally getting the last season done this fall - which means I need to actually sit down and finish watching past the first hundred episodes, hmm...

Other titles I've got on hand: Card Captor Sakura and a dozen different sports!anime (you might think it includes Prince of Tennis, but...nope. It's mainly soccer, baseball, racing and basketball with some boxing and kendo thrown in).

Finished Overdrive (bicycle racing), One Outs and Major (baseball) and Initial D (street!racing) so far.

Y'know, its weird how I never bother watching live sports (except when my dad used to watch day long cricket matches growing up) but I'll be glued to sport anime/movies ^^